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Why do you come here?

September 20, 2016

The question Mr B asked me when I dragged him to he joined us at soft play last weekend, it was raining, and sadly my rainy day repertoire of parenting skills goes as follows: Netflix and Quavers until the Netflix box pings up the thing that says you’ve been watching TV for four hours now do you still want to continue? resulting in me packing them into a car and driving to the local trading estate to suffer at soft…

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Pinterest Party Prick…

So it happened.. a few weeks ago I became the type of parent I hate. The type of parent that I mutter swear words about under my breathe whilst viewing their perfectness on Pinterest of an evening, as I sit on my jam stained…

September 13, 2016
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School Runnings….

With Big school looming in T minus 2 sleeps…. Things have begun to get decidedly more wobbly on the emotional front that I was expecting them to be. Oh my, where has four years and two weeks gone? How are we here already? This…

September 3, 2016
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The new cool in parenting style…

After years of women trying to have it all, be the perfect mother, have a high flying career, wear matching underwear, have the perfect body and be a perfect wife/homemaker a new mode of parenting is gathering. Like a snowball hurtling down a hill…

September 1, 2016
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It’s a no from me….

How to tell your nephew that ‘No’ he cannot marry you. Now, though you may have read this title and clicked eagerly imagining a story from ‘Take a break’ where I reveal all about my affair with my teenage nephew you will, I’m afraid,…

August 28, 2016
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What can we do?

As I watched the 10 o’clock news last night (on World Humanitarian Day) and saw the horrific pictures of 5 year old Omran Daqneesh sitting staring at the blood in his hand, in shock, alone in the back of an ambulance in Aleppo my…

August 19, 2016

Oh boobs to it…

The this is your life of my boobs… Age 11 I was desperate for them, sock stuffing and all that jazz awaiting the arrival of what I felt would be the holy grail of boyfriend snaring equipment… It turns out I was right, basically…

August 6, 2016
ground hog
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Parenting Ground Hog Day…

There are days with children when it feels like you’re staring in your very own Ground Hog Day film, nothing you do is right, even if you do everything they ask…. It started as a seemingly bright and perfectly pleasant day, I wasn’t working,…

August 2, 2016
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Not a fan….

School tester days with a needy kid… So we did it last week, finally after weeks of hearing of my friend’s children loving their tester sessions at school and being really excited about the prospect of starting in September, it was finally the go…

July 27, 2016
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ET Phone home….

The things that a three year old feels are worth a phone call; or indeed a session of show and tell. So recently we’ve been lucky enough to go on a few days out, the Pinterest type of parenting, educational, fun, and littered with…

July 14, 2016