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A three year olds take on Easter…

March 25, 2016

When commercialism meets Christianity and the combination is articulated by a three year old…

Here are just a few of the gems we’ve had from Houdini over the past few weeks as Easter has crept up on us (where has a quarter of the year gone already?):

Houdini: “Mummy is Father Christmas coming at Easter?”
Me: “No love, he only comes at Christmas time”
Houdini: “Is it Christmas time at Easter?”
Me: “No”
Houdini: “oohhh, I miss Father Christmas, I just love him, I miss him sooo much”
So marketing at Christmas has worked on our three year old then, he’s fully invested in the ‘magic’ of Father Christmas so much so he misses him!

Upon seeing the Easter Tree…
Houdini: “Can I decorate it?”
Me: “Not really love, its already decorated, and its a bit wibbly you might break it”
Houdini: “Will it growed some lots of chocolate eggs?”
Me: “Sadly not”
Houdini: “Will that Easter Bunny lay eggs under in it?”
Me: “Rabbits don’t lay eggs love”
Houdini: ” Is Father Christmas going to put presents under the Easter tree on Easter morning?”
Me: “No love, Father Christmas does not visit us at Easter”
To say he is a little bit muddled about Easter and Christmas is an understatement.

Houdini: “Mummy, is Easter when Jesus’ baby sister was born?”
Me: “No love in a nut shell, it is when Jesus was crucified, died and then rose again, Grandpa can give you more detail”
Houdini: “So its not anyone’s birthday?”
Me: “No its not anyone’s birthday” thought to myself – unless you count rising from the dead as a birthday? second birth?
Houdini: “Why is the Easter Father Christmas bringing chocolate presents then?”
Me: “I have absolutely no idea why the resurrection of Christ means we give each other chocolate, ask Grandpa maybe he’ll know, and there isn’t an Easter Father Christmas love”
I think we need to accept defeat for this year, he has no bloody clue if its Easter or Christmas, its a lost cause….

Houdini: “Mummy am I getting a new sister for Easter”
Me: “No”
Houdini: “Why not, I want a new sister, I’d like a sister that doesn’t take my toys, and a one that doesn’t cry, and she can brings me lots of some presents”
Me: “P is a nice sister, we can’t take her back anyway, it doesn’t work like that, we’re keeping her just like we have kept you”
Houdini: “When is the new baby coming out of your tummy?”
Me: “There isn’t a baby in my tummy love”
Houdini: “What’s in your tummy then?”
Me: “cake”
Houdini: “Oh”
Yep ‘oh’ indeed, but good to know our three year old will give me a heads up when the diet needs attention!

Whilst doing Easter themed craft at toddlers:
Houdini: “Mummy my Jesus ridding my little pony?”
Me: ” No its a Donkey”
Houdini: “He’s riding my little pony, like Jemima’s my little pony in the picture” shows me Palm Sunday picture with pink and purple donkey front and centre Jesus a top waving.
I’m pretty sure its not O.K to have Jesus ride my little pony??

Whilst making Easter baskets…
Houdini: “I don’t want a chick in my basket, just lots and lots of eggs, chocolate eggs mummy not empty ones (referring to the decoration he peeled and trashed thinking he was removing a wrapper to discover chocolate)
Me: “How are you going to get any eggs in your basket if you haven’t got a chicken in there to lay them?”
Houdini: “Noooo, the Easter Bunnies lay the eggs Mummy you silly pooey bum”
At least it wasn’t sodding Father Christmas making an appearance again – and Yes we’re hit that joyous stage where every other word is Poo, Bum or Fart!

Mr B has been blowing eggs all week so they can decorate eggs for the Easter tree together this weekend. What’s the betting he wants to decorate them with snowmen and sleigh bells???

Anyone else own a threenager desperately confused by the consumer marketing of religious celebrations?

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