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August 28, 2016

How to tell your nephew that ‘No’ he cannot marry you.

Now, though you may have read this title and clicked eagerly imagining a story from ‘Take a break’ where I reveal all about my affair with my teenage nephew you will, I’m afraid, be sorely disappointed.
My nephew is in fact 4 and has just discovered the notion that if you love someone very much then you marry them.

Mummy loves Daddy and they are married.
Granny loves Grandpa and they are married.
So therefore H loves me so we should get married?

I will add that I think the confusion is probably partly my fault. Since the day my nephew was born I’ve been in love with him. I was 16 at the time and had never been in love before, but when I looked into his little red face the first time I held him in my arms I knew that this would be one of the great loves of my life; and since that day I’ve let him know how much I love him every day of his little life. We are best friends, and whenever we meet he runs into my arms and tells me this. He will always be the love of my life but as I had to break to him, never my husband.

The first time H told me he wanted to marry me I thought it was both adorable and hilarious; after a few seconds I realised that I would now have to explain that we cannot become man and wife.

I never really thought about how difficult it would be to explain family dynamics and blood relations to a 4 year old but I tried my best. (It was one of those cases where ‘you just can’t’ had to be the way)
H- Ninny I’m going to marry you.
Me- That’s very lovely but I’m sorry, we can’t get married.
H- But why?
Me- Well Ninny is your auntie and aunties can’t marry their nephews
H- But why?
Me- Well you just can’t really. Because Ninny is your auntie
H- But I love you, I want to marry you
Me- You can still love me but just not marry me I’m afraid love.
H- Well I’m going to love you forever
Me- That’s fine, and I will love you forever, no marriage though I’m afraid.
This conversation has since happened a number of times, pretty much always going the same way.

When he’s 18 this will be one of a number of things I’ll have great fun telling all his friends/girlfriends about, and I’m sure he’ll hate his embarrassing auntie bringing it up at every family event, but for now my sweet boy will continue to ask for my hand in marriage and I’ll continue to turn him down.

Hey, it’s not the worst thing in the world to be proposed to on a weekly basis.. Even if it is by your 4 year old nephew.

Guest post from #BadAuntie

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