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New Year, New You?

January 3, 2017
No more diet resolutions for me

New year New you: Oh bugger to that!

The reasons I’m resolving not to resolve this year….

Well I am resolving, but it is an alternative set of new resolutions for me this time round. As finally after the best part of 15 years making and breaking the same old resolutions each January, I’ve given up on the “lose weight become as size eight” resolution. Having failed that many times it seems wise to admit defeat and start to love the person I am in the here and now.

After all in 2016 I spent a merry fortune on a psychologist (to help with my PTSD), who’s desperately trying to get me to accept myself as I am.

So bollocks to it, no more the ‘I’ll be thinner’, no more the ‘I’ll drink less booze’ (although I’ve signed up to do the Paris marathon so I may be drinking less in the run up to this), no ‘drink more water’, no more the ‘I will exercise more’ (again until April I will exercise more, but after the marathon this will probably go up the swanny), no more ‘I won’t swear’.

Nope 2017 is the year I will most likely be a standard size 12, thirty ish year old woman, who swears like a fish wife, doesn’t like water without squash in it, hates exercise, loves cake and can occasionally be found binge drinking after a hard day adulting. I think 2017 might be a happy one?

So in a much more mushy fashion than normal, after a particularly challenging year all round, these holiday resolutions from @iammelwells are going to be my alternative New Year Resolutions:

Alternative New Years Resolutions

The New New Years Resolutions…


​ In 2017 I will:
* Try to be more present.
* Hug… lots.

* Send peace and do all I can to promote and support it.
* Donate food and clothes and toys to charity.
* Have less headaches & Make love.
* And finally I will try to be a light in my family’s life not a darkness.

2016 was dark for me. PTSD and PND took hold and they didn’t just take hold of me but my family too. A dark me meant dark times for them; a shouty mummy, a miserable mummy, a lousy wife, a rubbish home maker. But the big news was I admitted I had a problem (on the internet http://hashtagbadparent.com/im-not-o-k/) and with the unending support of my friends and family I sought help.

Admittedly I needed a good old shove in the right direction at points. But I gave myself a break. Yes I just had a baby, and yes people do that all the time and are perfectly ok, but everyone is different. And lastly I realised there is no shame in admitting you are not O.K.

I hope 2017 will be lighter for me, but more importantly for all of the #BadParent family.

What are your resolutions? Or on a more positive note forget what you’re not going to do, what are your hopes and dreams for 2017?

Happy New Year everyone xxx

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