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One, Two buckle my shoe….

January 28, 2016

Why not to shoe shop with a three year old.

It was certainly a case of ‘One Two buckle P’s shoe’, and so buying her shoes wasn’t an issue. Admittedly she did rock out the resting bitch face at the over enthusiastic sales assistant measuring her feet. But I can’t complain about her as she willingly tried on three pairs of shoes and walked at pace up and down the shop on request – with her brothers help/insistent dragging!

Once again this is one of those tales where P plays a best supporting actress role as her good behaviour does not make for a great blog post (this is not a smug mummy blog if that’s what you’re into step away now I’m only going to disappoint you) It does however make for some great instagraming as I went a bit over board purchasing shoes for her.



So the moral of this blog post is by all means take your one your old shoe shopping. They can come to no harm, will cause you no harm, will willingly allow you to buy new shoes for them. However DO NOT TAKE YOUR THREE YEAR OLD SHOE SHOPPING!!!!!!




imageAs I sat on the floor of M&S, head in hands, laughing (you have to laugh or you’d cry and I’m not a public crier) I realised my epic parenting fail. This child is not a fan of change, to the point he will happily wear his pyjamas from two years ago. Telling himself/me that they fit perfectly as his Crown Jewels are wedged down one side of a far two small onesie and his bum crack gets a trial run of how it would feel to wear a thong. Not being a fan of newness, for Houdini things need to be about for a while and he needs to decide of his own accord he wants to wear something.

Annoying Houdini is very attached to his current shoes, he’s wants to take them to bed regularly wearing them on his feet or his hands (a fight I’m not willing to have at 6.30pm, so if I’m honest those bad boys have been worn/taken to bed on more than one occasion) and whilst we managed to get his feet measured (bribery, he got a minions sweet for obliging on this front) we did not manage to get shoes.

No. People awkwardly sidestepped me and Houdini as he threw shoesimage across M&S whilst screaming like a tourtured cat and rolling around under the school coats display, with one old faithful dinosaur shoe on and one socked foot kicking and thrashing. He then lead down under the swimming costumes and refused to move.

No amount of bribery was working. He didn’t give a shit his shoes hurt his toes. He wasn’t even prepared to let me buy the same shoes in a bigger size, he wanted ‘my dinosaur shoes’ no alternatives were going to cut the mustard.image So with my second parenting fail of the day I let him get his own way, I gave in and admitted defeat, and went home. With my three year old wearing shoes that don’t fit and at times hurt.

I’ll buy shoes online, try them on him and remove all the ill fitting shoes from the house whilst he sleeps. Problem solved, right?
Lets be honest there is a strong possibility I’m going to be that harassed looking Mum walking through the streets holding the hand of a howling, shoeless child in the rain in the not to distant future…..

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