About me…..

This Bad Parents Wikipedia write up…

So here it is, the low down on me.

Amougst other things I happen to be a Mum. The journey to motherhood wasn’t straightforward or easy; but we got there in the end and in 2012 after much wishing and hoping my Husband and I welcomed a little boy into the world. ‘Houdini’ for the purposes of this blog is one spirited and robust little boy.
Then after a bit more help and a lot more wishing and hoping baby #2 joined the party… In 2014 just in time for Christmas Houdini got a baby sister ‘little miss lucky penny’ or just plain and simple ‘Miss Penny’ these days. After Houdini we thought we were due a placid, easy going child… Ha who were we kidding Miss Penny Is fierce, strong willed and defiant – she’s a firecracker…

…so with this duo life is never dull.

As well as a Mummy; I’m a project manager (in professional terms) three days a week, a Wife (this is a full time role along with being a parent!), a very bad runner & an insomniac (that answers your question of where does she find the time hey!?). I’m a fan of gin, car crash TV and I own way too many grey jumpers.

This blog is a hobby, and I will only post when I have something genuine to say. So I can’t commit to weekly updates or even tell you the day of the week I’ll be posting. But what I can promise is what I post will always be honest and real.

Update, September 2016:

I’ve just been shortlisted for the Mumsnet blogging awards 2016 in the Best Writer & Best Comic Writer categories.

So if you like reading my blog and you have 98 seconds to spare then use the links below to vote for me to be a finalist! A huge thanks to all those who nominated me, I’m still beyond excited about being shortlisted, thank you thank you thank you!